Qingdao real estate agent: let me save money,energy and time

Cena: 3.333 CNY/Mēnesī
Guļamistabas: 3
Izmērs: 102 m² / 1.100 ft²
Adrese: 中国山东省青岛崂山区麦岛路 Show map

Located on Hong Kong Rd. Very close to seaside and Qindao University and Ocean University,convenient traffic with many bus lines. This house is on 3rd floor with 110 sqm. Highrise 3bedrooms 2 bathrooms with elaborate decoration in modern and simply style. Newly renovated. Central air-con installed. Spacious room bightly. Kitchen well equipped. Fully furnished. The rental is RMB 3333/month,but not inlcuding management fee.


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