Rent an apartment at a low price in Qingdao .

Cena: 3.500 CNY/Mēnesī
Guļamistabas: 2
Izmērs: 102 m² / 1.100 ft²
Adrese: 中国山东省青岛市崂山区麦岛路 Show map


let me tell you a community , its name is Mai Dao Homeland  , you can look at the attached map . this community was built around 2006 , including 14 high-rise buildings (25-30 floors), there are many foreigners living in this community .

there are several reasons that i recommend you this community :

First: it is close to Olimpic Port, it is about 3 km away from there .

Second: it is close to Mykal area -----the most popular place for foreigners in Qingdao , there are many bars (like LPG Bar , Newyork Bar ,Charlie's Bar), restaurants and so on , you can hang out there when you don't have to work . 

Third : there are many restaurants ,stores ,markets near Mai Dao Homeland , so it is easy for  you to live there .  

Forth: there are a lot foreigners living in this community ,  some of them are my friends ,  maybe you guys can make friends , that will make it easier for you to live in Qingdao , because they have lived in Qingdao for a long time , know more about Qingdao .

those photos is a 2 br apartment ,110 sqm , fully furnished , the monthly rent is about 3500 rmb.

tell me your opinion , i will recommend more places to you .


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