The process of renting an apartment in Qingdao !

价格: 3,000 CNY/Month
卧室: 1
地址: Qingdao, Shandong, China Show map


As the best real-estate agent , I should take the responsibility for telling you the process of renting an apartment in Qingdao .

1.          You may just arrived in Qingdao , feel helpless at first , no place but damn expensive hotel tow to stay , no place to go , no people to speak with (few Chinese on street can speak English , that sucks ,but that’s true ), if it is your unfavorable situation right now , don’t be sad , call me----Kaka , the best real estate agent . Calling me is the first step you should take .

2.          Call me and tell me what kind of apartment you want , how long you want to live in Qingdao, which place you want to live close to,how much you want to spend on the rent , then I will find several suitable apartments for you and show you personally as soon as possible . then you can take your time to make a decision . I have been a real-estate agent for foreigners for years , so I have many foreign clients , everyone knows I am a honest guy and really keep trying save money and time for you .  “Foreigners should be able to rent a place at the price as same as Chinese” is my belief . In short , after you know me and my clients and make friends with us , you will know what a man I am .

3.          After you make a decision ,and reach a agreement with the landlord , we will sign the formal renting contract . generally , If it is a long-term rental(at least longer than half a year) , you should pay the security deposit (as much as one month rent ) and part rent (half-year-rent payment way , but the year-rent payment way is getting more and more common ) at the beginning , then pay the rest rent as the contract said , when the contract is over , if nothing in the apartment is broken , the landlord will give the security deposit back to you .

4.          The most important difference between me and other agents is that I can give you a wonderful after-renting service for free , in other words, I am more than an agent , I am also your translator , helper in your everyday life . You Have My Word !

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