President plaza /mixed Chinese& Modern Style/great furniture

价格: 19,000 CNY/Month
卧室: 4
尺寸: 165 m² / 1,776 ft²
地址: Suzhou, China

Suzhou Presidential Palace, located at the core of residential area in Suzhou Park, is a pure residential project. It is adjacent to Zhongnan Street in the West and Beizhou Road in the north. The project is composed of foreign houses and high-rise groups, adhering to the concept of comprehensive evolution, innovative creation of the park's current products. Reconstruct the architectural form and landscape, deepen the concept into every detail of the project, at the same time, the internal convergence of brand. From seven systems of architecture, courtyard, servo system, club, property and intelligent parking, the residential experience of Suzhou people has been completely renovated. Intelligent servo systems such as full-house floor heating, full-heat exchange and PM2.5 particle fresh air system, air conditioning, formaldehyde-absorbing wallpaper, etc., fully display luxury and enjoy comfort The club is equipped with a constant temperature swimming pool without a boundary star dome, a well-equipped gymnasium, squash room, yoga room, billiards room, a comfortable and private business negotiation area, as well as children's amusement park and recreation room, even if not in the community, life is wonderful. At the same time, the clubhouse is not open to the public.



  • Equipments in the compound:
  • Others:
  • Hospitality:
  • Shopping Mall:
  • Market:
  • Bank:



  • Distance Line 1 Zhongnan Street Station 1000 Meters



  • North-south Transparent
  • Big Balcony
  • central air-conditioning