Housing for rent in Jinhope apartment

价格: 4,500 CNY/Month
卧室: 1
尺寸: 52 m² / 560 ft²
地址: Suzhou, China

Hello, everybody. My name is Lillian, I am a 24-year-old fellow. Currently I work in a rental agency for foreigners. If you are about to visit China, you can ask me relevant questions. I am the right one who can give you correct answers. If you wanna rent a apartment, you definitely chat with the right girl, because I have mounts of housing onhand. I am always here waiting for your info~~~~

Here is the brief introduction

The Jinhope apartment is located at the junction of Xinghu Street and Xizhou Road (near the Skyscraper Park) . The local plot is located in the CBD of the central business district on the east side of the Suzhou Industrial Park-- Jinji Lake, It's located at the center of the industrial park’s horizontal urban development axis. Live here, you will enjoy beautiful natural scenary. You can go shopping and meet different friends as well. If you are instrested in, pls contact me. My phone number 18100671273