2-bedroom apartment for rent in Rossio e Restaudores, Lisbon

قیمت: 1,200 EUR/ماہانہ
بیڈرومذ: 2
پتہ: R. dos Douradores, 1100-052 Lisboa, Portugal , Lisbon, Portugal نقشہ دیکھایئے

The double trouble

Because there's more than enough

Will I like it here?

Absolutely. All your dreams come true: balconies, double sinks, and more.

Really? Tell me more...

You won't only come home to a stylish property. You'll also be in the heart of Lisbon, where all the actions happens.

We think the apartment is perfect for a couple or friends.

Give me 1 more reason to live here...

- We love the location.

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