Vertex Central Cebu Condo


Vertex Central Priland will offer an ideal place for digital nomads, startups, and small businesses. While the residential units located on the 17th floor to 32nd floor give prospective residents the choice of studio-type units,1-bedroom living spaces, and features 8 penthouse units configurations an ideal for busy professionals or growing families.

This caters to the family-oriented and the career-driven alike, accentuating its accessibility and a magnificent view of Cebu’s business hubs.

Why Is Cebu a Very Attractive Residential Location?

  1. Cebu is the second largest metropolitan city outside of Metro Manila.
  2. Aside from being a manufacturing base, its economy driven by the BPO’s.
  3. It’s popular because you have a lot of tourist destinations, more condotels, hotels are being offered here in Cebu.
  4. The comforts of an urban lifestyle and landscape balanced with natural attractions.
  5. The new airport will expand, will welcome tourists and base on what we hear from the ground some of these tourists actually enjoys the new Cebu so their looking at new condos cause eventually they plan to retire here. That’s an interesting fact that we got from some developers.

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