Luxury Flat in Devanahalli- Tata Carnatica

قیمت: 500,000 INR
ناپ: 2,000 m² / 21,528 ft²
پتہ: Bangalore - Mysore Road, Нарашима Радж Мохолла, Сиддик Нагар, Баннимантап, Майсор, Карнатака, Индия نقشہ دیکھایئے

Tata Carnatica with Ready Infrastrutures with Senior citizen Lawn for relaxed Walks , Swimming pool and Cricket and Tennis Nets with Airconditioned Play area in East Bangalore and Skating Rink with Atheletics tracks to train up for your performance other than this prestige park grove whitefield is an Best Return Giving apartments in Real Estate Projects in top of the picking lists.

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