Warehouse #3 of 850 square meters for rent

قیمت: 124,200 HNL/ماہانہ
ناپ: 960 m² / 10,333 ft²
پتہ: Honduras

Warehouses no. 1 and no. 2 shown are already rented. Warehouse no. 3 of the ones shown here is ready for delivery after signing the lease contract for a minimum of 3 years, including the security deposit equal to the value of one month's rent.

They are the first of their modern and logistically advanced type in Western Honduras. Contact us to learn about this project. Be part of an excellent business. We are waiting for you


The property is conveniently located in Villa Belén, on the eastern edge of the urban area of Santa Rosa. The paved main street gives direct access to the CA-11A highway to Gracias, Lempira and to the crossroads of the CA-4 International Highway presents a perfect opportunity for your company.


Located on the outskirts of recent logistics and industrial investments in a rapidly growing area of the Santa Rosa industrial zone.


Storage warehouse no. 3 is 850 square meters (9149 square feet) plus 10 square meters of office space at warehouse level (for dispatch) and 100 square meters at mezzanine level (mezzanine).


Logistic details:

Concrete floor is designed 6 inches thick with 4,500.0 psig (4500 pounds per square inch) and a 3,000.0 psig layer of anti-friction concrete.

Unobstructed open space structure. Walls and roof protected with 5 mm thick thermal insulation.


3 roofed loading-unloading ramps with mechanical levelers designed to maximize the efficiency of storage and distribution of products.


Minimum indoor clearance of 12 meters (39.3 feet), maximum height of 15 meters (49.2 feet). This height allows for modern storage racks.


500 square meters (5382 square feet) of yard are designed for easy parking and maneuvering of the transport fleet.


In case your company requires special arrangements of storage, loading-unloading or other, please contact us and find out how easy it is to work with our professionals.



9 monitoring cameras are installed inside the warehouse and we have capacity for additional installations.

The facility is protected by commercial building security systems and integrated services to ensure the safety and security of your business, your employees and your valuable assets.


A monthly fee of US$0.50 per square meter applies for maintenance, security, cleaning, pest control, etc.


NOTE: Monthly rent for warehouse no.3 is US$ 4.50/square meter (850m2 x 4.50 US$ = US$ 3,825.- US$), plus 110 square meters of office space at US$ 6.50 /square meter (110m2 x 6.50 US$ = US$ 715.-), plus US$ 0.50/square meter for maintenance, security, etc. (960 m² x US$ 0.50 = US$ 480) for a Grand Total of US$ 5,020.- plus the respective ISV if not exempted by the state.


According to the clauses, a guarantee equal to one month's rent is applied, which is returned at the end of the contract.


Note: The 100 square meters of office space at mezzanine level (mezzanine) can be customized with divisions to your liking. Monthly rental value would change from US$ 6.50 to US$ 10.00 per square meter. Grand Total rises from US$ 5,020.- + US$ 350.- to US$ 5,370.


For more information, photos and general map of this magnificent property listing # 1889 contact us and experience how easy it is to work with our professional company.

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Please no informal visits! Request a visit and inspection of the property with our company IMC prior notice. The property is under strict security surveillance.


GPS Coordinate: 14º 47.299 N, 088º 45.707 W , Elevation: 3686 feet ( 1124 meters) above sea level.

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