Wanna rent a big apartment with a low price in Qingdao? Tell

قیمت: 3,200 CNY/ماہانہ
بیڈرومذ: 3
ناپ: 130 m² / 1,399 ft²
پتہ: 中国山东省青岛市崂山区海尔路29号 نقشہ دیکھایئے


140 sqm is a big size , it is really hard to find such a big apartment , especially at a low price .

But , if you can accept like ,125 sqm , there are choices in "Shilaoren Area"  and "Oliver Area" , for example ,there is a 3 bedroom apartment available in ''Shilaoren Area ", near the sea , 128 sqm , 2nd floor (the top is 5th floor , without elevator ) , fully furnished , 3300 rmb per month . there is another 3 bedroom apartment in "Olive Area", 125 sqm , 10th floor (the top is 25th floor,with elevator ), fully furnished,3300 rmb per month .

And , If you can accept 110 sqm , I can find some fully furnished 2 bedroom apartments in some high-rise buildings in "Maidao Area "for you . 

By the way , those photos is that apartment in "Olive Area "

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