Times City/4 bed/brand new apartment in Sip

قیمت: 7,000 CNY/ماہانہ
بیڈرومذ: 4
ناپ: 143 m² / 1,539 ft²
پتہ: Suzhou, China

Property Name:Times City
Compound’s Descriptions:
Located in Industrial Park, the modern road and Bell Street intersection.
Layout: 4bedrooms + 2living room+1kitchen + 2bathrooms
Gross area:143 square metres
Rent Price: 7000 RMB per month
Decoration: modern style and fully furnished


  • Others:Baitang Park
  • Market:Aeon Mall
  • Bank:BOC、China Post
  • Shopping Mall:Dongsha lake neigborhood center/ CBD/ Commercial F
  • Equipments in the compound:Gym/ Badminton Place/ swimming pool/ Basket place
  • Hospitality:Kowloon Hospital


  • Distance Line 1 Zhongnan Street Station 400 Meters



  • North-south Transparent
  • Near Metro
  • Big Balcony

    The Suzhou times city Wharf - located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, the modern road and Bell Street intersection, white pond park is located in the emerging residential sector, 20 minutes drive from downtown Suzhou, West radiation CBD center and CBD center in East lake. Sitting on the subway line 1, convenient transportation, into the park to enjoy CBD prosperous business, retreat will enjoy Bai Tong Park, Shahu ecological park, beautiful natural environment.If you are interested in please feel free to contact us.

    Mobile Phone:+86 18136161059
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