Landsea International Blocking/kept well/olympic Center

قیمت: 6,000 CNY/ماہانہ
Bills included: جی ہاں
Room size:
جنس: کوئی بھی
Smoking: کوئی بھی
پتہ: Suzhou, China

Name of community: Landsea international Block
Location: Jin Liang Street     
Layout: 3 bedrooms+ 2 livingroom +1 kitchen + 2 bathrooms 
Size: 150 squm
Floor: 10th /20
Decoration: modern style and fully furnished
Apartment for Rent Price: 6,000 CNY  

1: Nice Location, next to shopping mall and CBD area.
2: High-Tech Compound, constant temperature,Oxygen,humidity
3: Fully Decorated, well-kept
4: Nice Landlord, Easy to get alone

If you are interested in, Please feel free to contact me and we have the keys that you can see it anytime. 

Cell PP : +86 18013772770
Wechat: 18013772770
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