Plot of land with old house in Voyvodino, Varna

ناپ: 1,710 m² / 18,406 ft²
پتہ: Varna, Bulgaria

Plot of land in REGULATION in the village of Vojvodino, located 39 km from the town of Vana and 5 km from the town of Valchi Dol. 

The property is a CORNER yard with an area of ​​1710 sq.m., in which there is an old massive building. It has all communications - electricity and water. 
A small river passes through the village, which divides it into two parts. There are many forests and springs in the vicinity of the village. Nearby are the dams: General Kiselovo, Nikolaevka, Strahil. 
In the village there is a community center, which houses a library. The town hall has a working post office, there are also several grocery stores. 

Price: 5,900 euros

Gary Curran
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 Gary Curran
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