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விலை: 2,500 CNY/Month
தூங்கும் அரை: 1
முகவரி: 青岛市市北区延吉路

Wanda Plaza is located in Qingdao’s Central Business District and is bordered by Yanji Road in the south, and in the north near the planned road , east of Lianyungang Road ,  and is west of Xuzhou Road .

Wanda Plaza is a collection of large shopping malls,  five-star hotels, high-quality residential  and international serviced apartments. It has an indoor pedestrian street with many modern commercial and architecturally designed residences inside a world-class urban complex. It is the latest representation of a third-generation commercial real estate by Wanda

This apartment is fully furnished, about 400 square feet with an open style kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom and comes with all appliances.

If this apartment isn’t what you’re looking for then just tell me what you want as I have many more apartments available! I am an efficient and professional agent in Qingdao who you can call on (-1-5-0-0-6-4-8-0-5-5-0-) or send me an email at: zhaokaka”at”-y-a-h-o-o-.-c-o-m

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