Baitang residence lakeview /3 beds/near SSIS/OCAC/in sip

விலை: 6,500 CNY/Month
தூங்கும் அரை: 3
Size: 140 m² / 1,507 ft²
முகவரி: Suzhou, China

General info

Located in the east of Jinji Lake, Suzhou Industrial Park, the central view area is located in the core area of the modern avenue of the park. Neighbor kindergarten and neighborhood centers, modern Avenue and Xinghu street along with many bus stations, in addition to the light rail line 1 in the vicinity, and a Xinghu Street site in the area south, this is undoubtedly a lot of value, but also convenient for travel.



  • Equipments in the compound:kindergarten and primary school
  • Hospitality:kowloon Hospital
  • Shopping Mall:Jingcheng Neiborhood Center, Harmony Center, Jiuguang Shopping Mall
  • Others:Restaurants and Commercial Center
  • Bank:ABC,ICBC &
  • Market:VR Vanguard and Auchan Supermarket



  • Distance Line 1 Nanshi Street Station 1000 Meters



  • Near Metro
  • North-south Transparent
  • Big Balcony
    If you are interested in , pls feel free to contact us .
    Mobile phone:+86 18136161059 & 18013158350
    Wechat:18136161059 & 18013158350
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