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цена: 450 000 KRW/в месяц
Сожители: 10
Размер комнаты: 10 m² / 108 ft²
Пол: Только женщины
Курение: Нет
Адрес: 대한민국 서울특별시 관악구 신림동 1628-101 Показать на карте

Hello, We are SodamSodam in seoul(near SNU & Line2 sillim st)
Thank you for your interest in SodamSodam Multi-Culture Share-house.
Our Sodam means "a story with a smile blooming" in Chinese Character 笑談, meaning a joint residence where we live happily together, and the pure meaning of Korean word is "Sodam" ~ It is not lacking, overflowing, neat, delicious, and good to see." just like that It's not a very large-scale co-living (share-house), but It's a good place to stay together like a family.
Family-like relationship and Multi-culture sharing, that is the core value of living SodamSodam
Sodam's concept is for friends from various countries to live together, to share culture and life and create a pleasant living space.
In my opinion, it is a suitable residential facility for foreigners just like you in this respect.
Like a typical homestay, the owner does not live together or provide meals. However, you can make friends with friends from all over the world and receive various residential services such as Internet, facility management, and cleaning. and All rooms are composed of single rooms (door locks for private rooms) and are equipped with various living facilities, so you can move in with minimal personal items
To talk about the advantages of Sodam life, public transportation convenience and women's safety are the biggest advantages. Especially, public transportation is excellent in access to Gangnam, Hongdae, Seoul National University, and Yeouido through Sillim Station and Sillim Line Seowon Station
and safety is guaranteed with 24-hour CCTV system operation and the location of the police station right next to Sodam.
It is designed by a famous Korean architecter as a women's share-house building, so the design is beautiful and easy to use.
and Our SodamSodam is also officially registered on the community housing platform officially operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It is a reliable and safe living space recognized by the city government.
there have been a lot of inquiries about moving in from Seoul National University student. Seowon Station on the newly opened subway line is adjacent to SodamSodam, so it takes less than 15 minutes to travel to Seoul National University by subway. Because of the opening of the new subway and the proximity to Seoul National University, students at Seoul National University seem to like SodamSodam.
At the same time, SodamSodam operates 24-hour CCTVs and is located right next to the police station, providing excellent safety for women.
If you have any questions, please contact me on Kakao Talk ID : minor1 / phone in korea : 010-8894-9080
E-mail Contact : m

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