sell a plot of land 270000 sq/ft Russia Altai Mountains

Prijs : 1.100.000 RUB
Grootte: 27.700 m² / 298.160 ft²
Adres: Chemalskiy trakt, Чепош, Республика Алтай, Россия Toon kaart

The Altai Republic is a state in the south of Russia the sun 300 days a year, the climate is much warmer than in the rest of Siberia, very little snow in winter. 350 ml. on south from Novosibirsk. 

Chemalsky area the warmest in the state. It located in the valley of Katun river. protected from cyclones ridges.

Pine forest and clear mountain air has turned this place into a resort.
27000 square meters. 60 ml. from city Gorno-Altaisk Airport, 10 km from the village of Chemal. 

from the paved route 600 m.

high quiet place with panoramic views.

The resort area Chemal region. in the area possible (allowed) construction. to an electric pole 300 meters. own.

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Mikhail Solod
Geplaatst door:
 Mikhail Solod

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