Azure room for rent in 5-bedroom apartment in Burjassot

Cena: 345 EUR/Mēnesī
Guļamistabas: 5
Izmērs: 140 m² / 1.507 ft²
Adrese: Carrer del Mestre Lope , Valencia, Spain Show map

The colourful common

Because colour brings character

Will I like it here?

Probably. Do you like colourful, kaleidoscope rooms? Like to binge watch series in private? But you're still happy to have people around when you feel like it? If so, this is the place for you.

Really? Tell me more...

You can stretch out in your private room. Gasp at movies; binge on series. Sneak out to make popcorn. Dash back to bed for the next episode. Run to university in the morning. Study late into the night overlooking the rooftops.

We think this is great for those wanting a bit of privacy, with a pop of colour. Make friends over breakfast. Grab a train into Valencia. Revel in the quieter suburbs of Burjassot.

Your top 3 reasons to live here:

- Colourful rooms — pop into life.
- Rooms equipped with everything you need — why would you want to leave?
- Close to Burjassot Metro — get where you want to go.

But you need to know this...

- There is no living area — no need to share the popcorn.

Your Home-checker, Damien, said:

“This apartment is very well-connected with the city of Valencia and has colourful rooms with colour-coded kitchen storage."

Help me make up my mind...

This is a 4th floor, 5-bedroom apartment on Carrer del Mestre Lope, Valencia. It has colourful rooms that are equipped with everything you need.

It is perfect for someone looking for an easy but private spot, close to the Metro and Burjassot universities. Pop some colour in your life.


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