A 2 br apartment near Qingdao University and seaside !

Cena: 3.500 CNY/Mēnesī
Guļamistabas: 2
Izmērs: 84 m² / 900 ft²
Adrese: 青岛市崂山区青大一路

let me tell you an apartment , it is near Ocean University and Qigndao University , a new community , built in 2010 ,this apartment is on a high floor ,have wonderful sea view and mountain view , fully furnished , all appliances and furniture , 2 bedrooms , 90 sqm .


By the way , let me tell you some info about long term and short term rentals in Qingdao , because some of my clients are confused about this question lately , I have been a real estate agent in Qingdao for many years , my name is Kaka , with my long time agent background , helping you guys is a piece of cake , if you seach the key words like “qingdao apartments for rent” and ”qingdao houses for rent” and ”qingdao quality apartments and flats ” and so on by google or yahoo , It is very easy to find my advertisements and info .

To be honest , about the payment way , in other countries , tenants have the habit of paying the rent month by month ,and the landlords have no problem with it , so ,there is no big difference between short term rentals and long term rentals . but , in China , for example , in Qingdao , you are only allowed to pay the rent half year by half year or year by year if you rent a long term rentals . if you only stay in the apartment for several weeks , months , in other words , you rent a short term rental , usually , the rent should be more expensive than long term rentals , and , under nomal circumstances , you should pay all the rent at the beginning .

Let’s say , there is a long term rental , luxury furnishing , western style interiors ,and also with a competitive prices, like , 2500 rmb one month , if you rent it for one year ,you need pay 14000 rmb at the beginning (half year rent and one month security deposit ) , then on the sixth month , you should pay another half year rent . but if the landlord want to rent it as a short term rentals ,the monthly rent maybe go up to 4000 rmb , and if you rent it for only 3 months , you should pay all 12000 rmb at the beginning , not including the security deposit .

Even though short term rentals are more expensive ,the price of qingdao short term rentals (vacation rentals ) is much cheaper than qingdao hostels and qingdao hotels .

This is professional and efficient agent-Kaka to help you get set up in Qingdao ,call me ( 1-5-0-0-6—4-8-0-5-5-0 ) or send me emails (zhaokaka”at”-y-a-h-o-o-.-c-o-m)


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