Balai by Be Residences



Dayon “welcome” – This is where you will be able to welcome your guests in the lounge and pool on the 2nd floor.

Tapok “gather” – Tapok is where you have your gatherings and meetings while enjoying the sea view.

Obra “work” – Designed to be shared working spaces. There will be working tables, charging stations designed to give you space for productivity.

Duwa “play” – Located on the rooftop, this is where your kids can play while you can relax in the sky-farm garden or work out.

  • 24/7 Security System.
  • Clubhouse
  • Dayon (Swimming Pool Area)
  • Duwa (Play Area)
  • Sky Deck
  • Gym
  • Landscape Parks.
  • Obra (Working Area)
  • Tapok (Activity Area)
  • Tugkaran (Green and Landscape)

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