Agricultural Land in Kritou tera, Paphos

Alamat: Paphos, Cyprus

This land is located in Kritou Tera, Paphos.
It has an area of 4,348sqm and is landlocked (c. 70m southeast of the nearest registered dirt road).
The immediate area consists of agricultural and undeveloped parcels of land.
The land falls within protection planning zone Z1 with a building density coefficient of 6% and a coverage coefficient of 6%, over 2 floors and 8.3m maximum height.
Property Details
* For Sale
* Property Type: Land
* Property Subtype: Agricultural
* Location: Paphos, Kritou Tera, Cyprus
* Price: €12,000
* VAT: N/A
* Loan Installment: €54
If you wish to borrow from a bank, please find above indication of the loan installment with the assumptions used below.
Loan Installment Calculations:
Closing Price: €12,000
Own Contribution (35%): €4,200
Loan Amount (65%): €7,800
Interest rate: 3%
Years of repayment: 15 years

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