Cottage for sale

Harga: 1.750.000 RSD
Ukuran: 70 m² / 753 ft²
Alamat: Serbia

Cottage for sale at the foot of a mountain Tupižnica, 2km from the village of Gornja Bela Reka. A land size of 22 acres and a house on the ground floor, first floor and attic size of 70 square meters. On the plot is also a concrete pool size 8x3m. Investment is necessary because certain parts of the house have never been completed. It is necessary to install a water pump that will push water into the house. The first inhabited house from the cottage is 2km far. The road to the village is paved and renovated, from the village to the cottage is a dirt road.

For more informations, feel free to call, text via Viber or email. 

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