What extra expenses except rent are there when you rent an a

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1, electricity bill  .  this is the biggest part of all the living expenses , and also the most urgent thing . I mean , you must pay it on time , or they may cut your power in one month  . it is not expensive in Qingdao , generally , the electricity bill is about 100-150 rmb per month for one person . You can use a Chinese bank card to pay it by an ATM ,  or you can go to the electic power company to pay it , no matter how you pay it , you must take your electricity bill number which your landlord should tell you when you sign the leasing contract .

2, water and gas bills .  generally , it is not urgent , I mean , the water and gas company seldom cut your water and gas no matter how much bills you owe , so even if you forget to pay them on time , don’t worry about that , just pick a time to pay it later.  Generally , the water and gas company will visit your apartment every two months and check how much water and gas bills you owe , then you should take your water and gas bill number which you landlord should also tell you to go to the water and gas company and pay them .  it is pretty cheap , like 50-100 rmb per month for one person .

3, property management fee , it is for the property management company of your community to clean and protect your community . the fee is different in different communities , 0.5---2 rmb per sqm per month , for example , the size of the apartmen you rent is 100 sqm , so the fee is 50 -----200 rmb per month .

4, internet fee , about 100---150 rmb per month .  you should pay all of it to the internet companies at the beginning .

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