1 min / line2. Nakseongdae Exit5 / near SNU

Hinta: 300.000 KRW/Kuukausi
Sukupuoli: Ei merkitystä
Tupakointi: Ei
Osoite: 1686-14 Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea Näytä kartta

# Here is a cosy house. There are 3 rooms including 3 single rooms.

# There are Seoul National University nearby. Many SNU foreign students stayed here because it was convenient for transportation. The house is right in front of the subway station.

# Across the street, there is a traditional market called Inheon Market. You can buy delicious food cheaply and feel Korean-style emotions.

# It is fully furnished with brand new super beds, desk, refrigeration, washing machine,air conditioning, microwave and utensils,
just bring your own staff and move in ^^

# Rent
1.single room 2 : 600,000won (monthly rent) + 50,000won(monthly utility) - It's also possible to share a room with a friend. Please tell me in advance.

1-1. the case of living with a friend 300,000won (monthly rent) + 50,000won(monthly utility)

2. single room 3 : 650,000won (monthly rent) + 50,000won(monthly utility) big one -It's also possible to share a room with a friend. Please tell me in advance.

2-1. the case of living with a friend 350,000won (monthly rent) + 50,000won(monthly utility)

•monthly utility includes water, Internet, electricity and gas etc.
•300,000won(deposit  : returned when you move out)

# It is really a very homey and comfortable environment.
Compared by signing a contract for a studio, I would always like a sharing apartment where I can make new friends and new family.

# For any inquiry , please contact me by +82 10 4266 0210  , (kakao ID) cuterachel. (Instagram) ooord_

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