Residential Land in Milia (pafoy), Milia Pafou, Paphos

قیمت: 45٬000 EUR
آدرس: Paphos, Cyprus

25 λεπτά από την πόλη της Πάφου και 25 λεπτά από την Πόλη Χρυσοχούς.
Εφάπτεται με τον κύριο δρόμο μτου χωριού.
Διαθέτει ρεύμα και νερό.
Στο χωράφι υπάρχουν ελιές και αμυγδαλιές.
It is located in the village of Milia in Paphos, next to the villages of Drynia, phyti, Agios Dimitrianos.
It is 25 minutes from the city of Paphos and 25 minutes from Poli Chrysochous.
Access from the main street of the village.
It has electricity and water.
The field has olive and almond trees.
Property Details
* For Sale
* Property Type: Land
* Property Subtype: Residential
* Location: Paphos, Milia Pafou, Cyprus
* Price: €45,000 Plus VAT
* VAT: Plus
* Loan Installment: €221
If you wish to borrow from a bank, please find above indication of the loan installment with the assumptions used below.
Loan Installment Calculations:
Closing Price: €45,000
Own Contribution (30%): €13,500
Loan Amount (70%): €31,500
Interest rate: 3.2%
Years of repayment: 15 years

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