Land in Amargeti, Paphos

قیمت: 5٬000 EUR
آدرس: Paphos, Cyprus

Agricultural plot in Amargeti village, in Paphos District.
It is located at a distance of 1km northwest of the village centre and abuts onto a registered dirt road with a total frontage of 80 meters.
The properties have irregular shape with slopping surface.
The above price might be subject to VAT.
Property Details
* For Sale
* Property Type: Land
* Location: Paphos, Amargeti, Cyprus
* Price: €5,000
* VAT: N/A
* Loan Installment: €25
If you wish to borrow from a bank, please find above indication of the loan installment with the assumptions used below.
Loan Installment Calculations:
Closing Price: €5,000
Own Contribution (30%): €1,500
Loan Amount (70%): €3,500
Interest rate: 3.2%
Years of repayment: 15 years

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