For investment, Dubai One Day Surgery Hospital, fully equipped with all equipment, with excellent income. The hospital has been inaugurating for almost 6 years

 A simple explanation about the hospital


Hospital specifications:

The hospital is equipped and divided, and an excellent decoration has been made to suit modern hospitals

The number of rooms 26 rooms are as follows:

1- Operating room number 2 fully equipped with medical equipment intended for one-day operation

2- A recovery room equipped with an integrated kit for the purpose of recovery

3-An intensive care room equipped with integrated devices

4-Two nurses for the operations department and the recovery rooms

5-The nurses' room includes three prisoners for the aforementioned patients 

 6- The vital signs control room is fully equipped with equipment

Rents and expenses:

The hospital area consists of 15,000Sqft (fifteen thousand feet) in addition to a separate pharmacy on the ground floor.

It also includes free spaces such as reception and corridors

With an annual rent of 950,000AED (nine hundred fifty thousand dirhams).


The annual income:

Net annual profits after banks and rents are between 3 million and 6 million.

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