Rental Income Guarantee Commercial Property for Sale,…


Commercial property for sale with corporate tenants. There are banks and famous brandmarks as tenants which have 7-8 years rental agreements. Business center has a great location advantage in Antalya.

Business Center for Sale with Corperate Tenants

This commercial property for sale is located in one of the most popular places of Antalya. This region is very dense in terms of population and prosperity. Location of this commercial property is very suitable for commercial activities. This business center is one of the best-known and best located in the business districts of Antalya.

This business center has average of 26.000 € monthly rental income. Guaranteed rental income commercial property for sale in Antalya will be sold as one piece with all tenant rental agreements. Single store sales is not possible. Other real estate agencies don't have this exclusive portfolio. We work with exclusive contracts for this commercial property. There are a total of 5 corporate tenants. There are guaranteed rental contracts in 7-8 years for each tenant. All tenants are corporate tenants which are known throughout Turkey like banks and famous brandmarks.

Business center is built on a plot of 1.800 m². Total usable shops area is 3.300 m². The total square meters of shops located on main street is 1100 m². The total area belongs to 2 tenants on the other floors which is 2200 m².

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