Belek Golf Villas I, Kadriye / Belek

Bedrooms: 3
Address: Antalya, Turkey

Top quality golf villas in Belek in a nice villa park with swimmingpool, consisting of 8 detached with 3 bedroom and 8 semi-detached villas with 3 or 4 bedroom. It is ready to move in.

Spacious Semi-Detached Villa for Comfortable Living

Belek Golf City complex is in Belek Area, which was organized as Tourism Center 15 years ago and there are over 40 high-class hotels in the area. Besides that, there are 7 Golf Courses with international standards, moreover, 4 new golf fields are being constructed in the area. The nearest golf course to villas is 600 m. and 1300 m. to the beach, 700 m. to the shopping area and 700 m. to the Garden of Religions.

The villas are 10 min. walking distance to Kadriye Tourism Center, 15 min. to Picnic Areas in the forest, 25 min. to the sea. Antalya International Airport is 25 km. and Antalya City Center is 35 km. to the villa complex. The complex is designed to live in both in summer and winter and is located in nature. It is far away from the noise and in a quiet area.

The villa complex consists of 8 detached with 3 bedrooms and 8 semi-detached villas with 3 or 4 bedrooms.

  • Detached Villas: 355 m², Total Living area: 176 m²

Ground Floor: Villa entrance terrace: 3,5 m², WC: 3 m², Entrance hall: 3 m², Storage: 1,2 m², Staircase: 5.2 m², Living room & kitchen: 40,8 m², Front terrace: 22 m². Total: 78,7 m².
1st Floor: Staircase:6,6 m², Hall: 2,8 m², 1st. Bedroom: 15,7 m², 1st. Bathroom: 6,2 m², 2nd. Bedroom: 15,7 m², 2nd. Bathroom: 6,2 m², Front balcony : 9,2 m². Total  62,4 m2.
2nd Floor: Staircase: 6,6 m², Hall: 2 m², Guest room: 13 m², Sauna: 3,2 m², Bathroom: 3 m², Balcony: 7 m². Total: 34,8 m².

  • Semi-Detached Villas: 300 m², Total Living Area: 165 m²

Ground floor: Villa entrance terrace: 4,0 m², WC: 3,2 m², Entrance hall: 3,4 m², Storage: 1 m², Staircase: 4,7 m², Living room & kitchen: 32,7 m², Front terrace: 20 m². Total: 69 m².
1st floor: Staircase: 5,9 m², Hall: 2,4 m², 1st. bedroom: 14,8 m², 1st. bathroom: 6,6 m², 2nd. bedroom: 11,1 m², 2nd. bathroom: 4,1 m², Front balcony: 6,4 m². Total: 51,3 m².
2nd floor: Staircase: 4,6 m², Hall: 1,5 m², Guest room: 10,8 m², Sauna: 3,2 m², Bathroom: 4,3 m², Balcony: 20,1 m². Total: 44,5 m².

Here only Semi-detached villa is for sale!

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