Turkey Aydın Smart villa with private garden and pool

Price: 2,495,000 TRY
Bedrooms: 4
Size: 200 m² / 2,153 ft²
Address: Ege, Aydın Bulvarı, Kuşadası/Aydın, Türkiye Show map

Eco-friendly, smart villas that produce their own energy
Do not miss the LAUNCH opportunity of Semra Hanım Mansions, located in Karaova, one of the most prestigious areas of Kuşadası.
You will achieve the perfect harmony of the Sea, Nature and the City in our project consisting of 26 villas located in a 3600m2 wide landscape area within a project area of 10.000m2.
Our smart villas with swimming pool in your own private garden with panoramic sea and nature view, have 4 + 1 and 4 bathrooms with indoor use of 165m2, consisting of 350m2 NEAR detached area.
In order to spend a special time with your loved ones, you have a private pool of your own in each villa, as well as your private landscaped independent garden that will appeal to your eye with its design, waiting for you at SEMRA HANIM KONAKLARI.
In addition to the fact that all kitchen, counter and bathroom fixtures in the villas are equipped with first class products for you, 
advanced security has also been prioritized and increased with structural structure, extra curtain wall applications and water-heat insulation against earthquake risks.
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