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Size: 97 m² / 1,044 ft²
Address: Alicante, Spain

If you are looking for buiyng a prporty in spain,Buying land for your dream home is a great investment for you and your family, but while real estate professionals can use a variety of tools to help you find just the right piece of land, then you should know importonat points before buying the property in spain.By reviewing these elements, UBuildIt Construction consultants can determine their impact on your project

•    Location
•    Can you build on it?
•    Types Of Land
•    Zoning
•    Permitting
•    Restrictive covenants
•    Utilities and roads
•    Liens and easements
•    Surveys
•    Costs to develop the land

When you go on a property inspection with an estate agent, focus on the size of the yard and the square footage of your kitchen, but be aware that other features of a house are even more important. which is mention above.

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