Stylish room for rent in 3-bedroom apartment in Tetuán

Size: 100 m² / 1,076 ft²
Address: Madrid, Spain

**The Tetuán scholar**

_Because I want local charm and good grades_

**Will I like it here?**

That depends.

Are you looking for a spacious shared flat, away from the crowds of tourists and closer to campus? Enjoy a cool dip on hot summer days?

This one might be right up your alley.

**Really? Tell me more...**

You will love the living room. Stylish furnishings, impeccable decor, and tons of sunlight coming in through the windows. But the best part? You've got a balcony where you can quietly enjoy your morning coffee.

We think it’s ideal if you're looking to reduce your commute. The main campus of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is just a short stroll away. Stay fit by walking to school every morning and live life like a true madrileño.

**Your top 3 reasons to live here:**

- Drinks on the balcony? You can sign us up for that.
- You've got access to a swimming pool.
- Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is a 15-minute walk away.

**But you need to know this...**

- There's a washing machine but no dryer – no worries, you can air-dry your clothes on the balcony.

**Your Home-checker, Miguel, said:**

_“I loved this property. It’s an amazing shared apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood. That being said, you still have everything you need for your everyday life right at your doorstep.”_

**Help me make up my mind…**

This is a fantastic 1st floor, 3-bedroom apartment on Av. Santo Ángel De La Guarda, Madrid. It boasts a sun-drenched living room, swimming pool access, and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is within walking distance.

We think this apartment is perfect for anyone trying to focus on their academic career. In Tetuán, life moves at a slower pace. Distractions are few and far between. All of this makes it an ideal spot for bookworms and scholars.

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