Fourth Avenue Residences - An ideal place to invest

Address: SIngapore

Fourth Avenue Residences, an upcoming condominium located at the prime location of Bukit Timah’ residential estate and with land size covering 359,065 sqm has around 445 residential blocks for its inhabitants. The residents can have complete privacy and peace as they can feel the state of being calm with minimal disturbances. It covers essential amenities and facilities for the residents as it has sufficient area in addition with the building blocks.

Fourth Avenue Residences is primarily placed at the junction of Fourth Ave, District 10 & Bukit Timah Road in Singapore which is considered to be the prime neighborhood by the homeowners and the residents of this property. Investing on this property can be a great decision to make for the future with amenities such as Pepperoni Pizzeria, Giant club and The British Club boosting the demand of this property.

Bukit Timah being the larger town in Singapore is located at the main center. It is considered to be the tallest natural point of Singapore and its high-point hill with green layers makes this possible. If your bedroom face this beautiful town, you may have the sight of this natural reserve and resources.

Bukit Timah is also considered to be the most alluring places in Singapore and the land value is much higher than the other towns in Singapore. This town comprises expensive condos which are owned by people who has a great deal of money originating from Asia & Singapore.

The education system provided in Singapore is of high standards and in-particular, Bukit Timah is the best among the towns with public schools and private schools of international standards and earning the top most rank in Singapore.

An ideal place for inhabitants to settle down and live in is Fourth Avenue Residence providing splendid class facilities offered for living. The comfort and convenience brought by Allgreen Properties developer makes this the best residential property amongst the neighborhood. 

The five star facilities with unique unit designs and exquisite interior design provided by this Fourth Avenue Residences condo are also the primary factors to invest. The development is expected to be completed by end of 2023 and can fulfill all the requirements the residents need from the builders.  



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