we sell factory of slippers and clogs in Serbia

Price: 300,000,000 RSD

We are selling a complete factory of slippers and clogs, which covers a total area of ​​2hektars,44 a and 51 square meters of which an active  building  2500 m2. The factory is located on the road between Ćuprija and Jagodina and the location is ideal for future business in the field of slippers, clogs and shoes.

The factory is in active operation and the sale includes movable proper

 pu rotary machine with 72 stations

 and pvc Desma machines, 4 of which are two-tone

sewing machines,

stamping machines,

printing machines,

tools 35 active series (women's, men's and children's)



raw material ,

means of transport 2 vans, forklift

storage space, goods in stock as well as the existing 50 employees.A potential new owner would receive a listing of domestic buyers in Serbia as well as a listing of foreign buyers.The annual balance sheet is quite satisfactory, and for each inspection of the balance, it is necessary to come on the spot due to the confidentiality of information.

For more information please contact me at :+381 64 345 23 19 email:[...]

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