Agricultural land for sale (590 ha)

Price: RUB 70,000,000
Size: 5,900,000 m² / 63,507,071 ft²
Address: Moscow, Russia

     Agricultural land for sale (590 ha). Located near Slavsk (4 km from city). Comfortable location: centre of Europe. Distance to Kaliningrad is 110 km and to Sovetsk (the border with Lithuania) is 12 km. The land goes along the asphault road. The gas pipeline and the power line go across the land (there is an opportunity to connect to it). Here there are a lot of melioration channels. Several fished lakes take place on this land. The water can be connected from the existed well (that is in the village) or you can drill your own well. The land is partly fulled of different tree breeds (the volume is several thousands of cubes). In some places there is a forest. Many years the hay is cut and used as pasture. The land can be used for any kind of agricultural production. All needed infrastructure and communitacions contribute to it. You can breed big and small cattle and other animals, birds, breed fish. Beekeeping will be successful because there is a forest not far. This land is located in the ecologically clear region. You can breed snail here. You also can sow cereals. You can be busy with vegetable growing including greenhouses. You can breed energy wood. If you have a desire and investments your opportunities on this land are unlimited!!!

     See the land in the Public Cadastral Map of Russia (http://публичная-кадастровая-карта.рф). Cadastral numbers are:

39:12:030034:41, 39:12:030034:42, 39:12:030034:43, 39:12:030034:44, 39:12:030044:23

     Also see the land on the satellite map.

     The land is selling by private owner. I will help the foreign citizen-buyer of my land with all procedures needed to formalize a purchase of land in Russia through the creature or acquisition a firm.

     If you want I can submit all ownership documents and others to your email.

     I Will answer any question about a land, deal or other relevant questions.

     I Will help with a housing acquisition and formalization of documents

     I will help with the office acquisition and other production realty.

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