Luminous 2-bedroom apartment for rent in Cais do Sodré

Address: Lisbon, Portugal

**The luminous pad**

_Because I want to soak up the sun_

**Will I like it here?**

That depends.

Are you a newcomer to Lisbon? Looking for a little bit of that local charm the city is known and loved for?

Cais do Sodré might be for you. Let us show you around.

**Really? Tell me more...**

You will love the living room. It's spacious, the decor is on point, and the window offers a lovely view of a typical Lisbon street. Here, you've got everything you need to relax and kick back in style.

We think it’s ideal for the uninitiated. Need a plan for the weekend? You'll be close to iconic spots like Mercado da Ribeira, an indoor market where you can find countless food stalls and local crafts.

**Your top 3 reasons to live here:**

- The living room is all set to entertain.
- The cute decor. Love the fish-shaped art.
- Mercado da Ribeira is a 2-minute walk away.

**But you need to know this...**

- You'll be on the 2nd floor with no elevator – a little cardio never hurt anyone.
- There's no AC – might want to consider investing in a standing fan.

**Your Home-checker, Rafael, said:**

_“I loved this property. It’s a lovely apartment in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Lisbon. Cais do Sodré is lots of fun and well-connected.”_

**Help me make up my mind…**

This is a slick 2nd floor, 2-bedroom apartment on Rua De S. Paulo, Lisbon. It has a spacious living room, elegant decor, and Mercado da Ribeira is within easy reach.

We think this apartment is perfect if you're looking to live central. Cais do Sodré is right in the beating heart of Lisbon and it offers a great starting point for your Lisbon adventure.

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