1 BR Furnished Apartment Rentals in Novaliches,+639175623143

Price: 14,550 PHP/Month
Bedrooms: 1
Size: 68 m² / 732 ft²
Address: 9 L. Cleofas Street of 2nd Street along V. Bernardino Rd Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro 1116, Novaliches, Manila, Metro Manila Show map

Great for early risers as early as 4 a.m. Have a restful stay in Novaliches for 1 furnished bedroom long term rentals and short term rentals. You may reserve at +639175623143 (viber or cellphone)  and enjoy the 1 bedroom furnished home lettings in Novaliches, Philippines near Holy Cross, San Bartolome Novaliches. Near F.R. Sevilla Archery Club, 12 minutes away by Grab during non-rush hour. Nice place for those working in Bulacan and Pampanga project sites using the NCLEX highway. First come first serve, text or call at +639175623142 or +639228824295. 

This house is a private home temporarily rented out. Great for senior citizens who will stay temporarily in Novaliches, Quezon City. 

Available today.  Reserve now direct +639175623143 or online thru housinganywhere.com, book now at: https://housinganywhere.com/room/1382421/ph/Quezon%20City/leon-cleofas-street

Walk in arrivals is from 4.30 a.m. to 3.57 p.m. please text or call +639175623143 one hour before arrival.

Near Channel 5 or TV 5 Novaliches, St. Francis Senior Homes at Novaliches General Hospital, Pacific Global Hospital and Bernardino Hospital. 

Walking distance to Polytechnic University, and many colleges and schools.

 Month's stay is at Php 14,550 (fourteen thousand five hundred fifty pesos only) plus one month deposit.

1 month advance and 2 months deposit for two months stay and more. Deposit  is refundable less utilities and wi-fi use for those who will be staying for two months and more.

Escape the freezing chill in your country, visit the Philippines now and enjoy the sunny weather, text or call us at +639175623143.

How do I reserve at the furnished apartment in Novaliches? 

Booking is done when you call direct to the Philippines +639175623143  or you may use viber or whatsapp for +639175623143.

If you prefer online booking, please click the link below and book at: https://housinganywhere.com/room/1382421/ph/Quezon%20City/leon-cleofas-street for a day or two.

Viewing and Booking onsite is from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - please bring valid identification cards. Arrivals is 24/7 with confirmed reservation.  This furnished apartment in novaliches is children friendly place. Reserve and book now at +639175623143 thru text or viber.

Arrivals without reserved slots are accepted from 4.30 a.m. to 3:57 p.m. First come first serve.

Arrivals with reserve slots are accepted 24/7, kindly inform us of the time of your arrival. Please bring 2 valid government identification cards, passport and visa.

How safe is Novaliches? 

Each town or (barangay) has a strict surveillance of Police Force that navigates the city 24/7, all streets are securely guarded by a working cctv, and each community has its own community task force to protect the residents of the town. 

Is Novaliches part of Manila? 

Novaliches is part of Metro Manila or National Capital Region. It belongs to Quezon City. There are upcoming developments all over Metro Manila, as it is the focus of the new CBD. It has an easy access to North Luzon Tour Spots and Clark Airport thru NCLEX.

Where is the furnished apartment in Novaliches in Quezon City, Philippines? 

The 1 bedroom furnished apartment available at  9 L. Cleofas Street of 2nd Street along V. Bernardino Rd Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro 1116, Manila, Metro Manila. The 1 bedroom furnished apartment in Novaliches is near  Parokya ng Pagkabuhay Road, Novaliches Q.C., Holy Cross, San Bartolome Novaliches, Q.C., Bayan Proper Novaliches, Quezon City, MIndanao Avenue, RP Novaliches, Quezon City, Kingspoint Sudivision Novaliches, Quezon City, Urbano Novaliches Quezon City, Sta. Quiteria Novaliches Quezon City, Sangandaan Novaliches Quezon City, Urbano Novaliches Quezon City, Sinforosa Novaliches Quezon City. The furnished self catering apartment offers auxiliary services like laundry and housekeeping your choice. Reserve  and view on  Monday to Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Near resorts and getaways to the Northern provinces for a weekend getaway. Easy access to NCLEX.

Long term furnished rentals in Novaliches and Short term rentals +639175623143 is near Ann Francis Mother and Child Hospital Center and Hospital, Dr. Montano Ramos Hospital, Metro North Medical  Center Hospital, Pacific Global Medical Center Hospital Quezon City, Congressional, White Duck Street, Novaliches, Novaliches, Ibong Pilak, Mayang Pula Street Kilyawan Street,Villa Verde 1, Idang Street, Consolacion Street, Pugong Ginto Street, Jamiaca, Don Ciriaco, Dexter, Araceli, Maganda, Genoveva, Villarea, Margarita, Virginia St. Paquita, London Drive, Benamar Drive, Forest Hill, Temple Street, Continental, Queens, Pugong Ginto, Don Crispulo, Kabuhayan, San Lazaro, Granada, Maningning, Martinez, Maligaya, Pulang Bituin, San Luis, Vilaflor, Sta. Placida, Kadalagahan, San Lazro, Kabilogan, Kabuhayan, Granada, Nitang Avenue Novaliches Quezon City, Don Crispulo, Susana, Marianito, Bayes, St. Anthony, Nelie, Kalayaan, Marcosin,  Senading, San Nicolas, Blue Bird Street, Sugar Bird Street, Urbano Road, Sinforosa, A Francisco, Sta. Eleuteria, San Pedro, San Juan, Bayes, San Agustine, Pilaring, Gloria, Masaya, San Pedro, San Juan Nenita, Luz, Sta, Evangelista, Dizon, Ester, Belen, Masaya, Kalinisan, San MIguel, T. Carreon , Bernardino General Hospital Rockville Avenue, Emerald St., Diamond St., Novaliches General Hospital.

What to expect at the neighborhood of the furnished apartments in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines? 

1 Bedroom flat furnished apartment rentals in Novaliches Quezon City text or call us for immediate reservation at +639175623143, 68 square meters offers a wide variety of neighborhood. If you like to experience the Filipino Community - here is the place to stay. Enjoy when neighbors greet you “hello” in the morning and smile before going to work even if it is during rush hour.  Experience the feeling of belonging to a neighborhood.

Enjoy community activities on weekends, at long term lettings in Novaliches Quezon City Philippines  +639175623143. 

This 1 bedroom furnished long term lettings in Novaliches Philippines is also near top of the line Malls which sells on a regular sale day of top of the line products all year round. 

Fresh food all the time is for sale at nearby walking distance fresh food markets which are easily accessible but not to near the furnished temporary furnished housing in Novaliches, Quezon City. 

What are the terms of payment at the furnished self catering apartments house lettings in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines? 

One month advance and two months deposit for short term stay two months stay and long term stay for a year, utilities and internet are not included.  

What more to expect at the self catering furnished apartment home lettings in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines? 

Clean Kitchen

Easy access to shopping malls

Easy access to serviced housekeeping and laundry

Easy access to all type of transportation to your destination





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