New Zealand Eco Community & Retreat Centre Forming

Size: 10,000 m² / 107,639 ft²
Address: PO Box 3213, onerahi Show map

We are in the very early stage of developing our 257 acre coastal valley across from the sea in Whangarei, New Zealand.  100 acres is in pristine native bush, and the rest is grazing land, streams, springs, tiny waterfalls, horse trails, with ridge top house sites with views of the sea.  

The privacy and tranquility of this valley is sanctuary-like, and it's location is unsurpassed. Just 5 minutes to the regional airport at Onerahi, and 10 minutes to Whangarei CBD.

We are looking for investors with a commitment to being part of an intentional community & retreat center, to organic food production, self sufficiency, and leaving  a legacy of community and bounty to those that follow us.

It is important to note that the sale of shares does not in any way guarantee residency in New Zealand.  YOu would have to apply to New Zealand Immigration.  We are hoping to reach Kiwis overseas who may be thinking about coming home and becoming part of an intentional community.

Certain skills are needed in New Zealand and  you need to check with NZ Immigration with any immigration questions.  We cannot give immigration advice.

The first stage will be creating the community centre, which will house the common kitchen & dining area, the teaching/learning centre, including an art & yoga studio, and community workshop.

There will be guest huts off the trails in the native bush (100+ acres, to be used for paying guests, students attending workshops, and staff).  

As it now stands, there will be 5 (out of 6) shares available from $300,000.   Payment structure isnegotiable.

People with practical homesteading experience especially encouraged to inquire, whether they are investors or not.   If someone does not have the funds, and they have the skills the community needs, they would be eligible to exchange their skills for use of a patch of land.

We are open to all possibilities and look forward to hearing from you.


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