Ideal room for rent in in residence hall in Città Studi

Address: Milan, Italy

**The community**

_Because it’s in a residence hall_

**Will I like it here?**

Maybe. Do you love socializing? If so you’ll adore this room for rent. It’s in a residence hall close to Politecnico di Milano. Meet new friends in the communal kitchen or at the gym.

**Really? Tell me more...**

You get all the benefits of living in a dorm, but you get to maintain your privacy. Your single bed can double as a sofa when a friend visits. Study at the desk when you’re on your own.

**Give me 2 more reasons to live here...**

- You have an ensuite bathroom – perfect.
- Your room is equipped with a kettle, a safe for your valuables and a small fridge. There are also community activities organized in the building that you can attend.

**But you need to know this...**

We haven’t visited this place ... yet.

We send Home-checkers to visit every apartment on Spotahome, so come back soon for a guided tour plus 360° and HD photos.

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