Isola di san giuliano

Price: EUR 779,000
Bedrooms: 10
Size: 20,000 m² / 215,278 ft²
Address: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

The Island of San Giuliano is located in the western part of the Lagoon of Grado, in the north-east of Italy, an area historically very important for the two thousand years old Church of Aquileia and for the Romans. There are Roman remains on the island as the St.Elias arch incorporated in the main villa and originally belonged to the basilica of St. Elias. Next to the main villa there is the church of San Giuliano, the patron saint of the Lagoon. The island has a total area of twenty hectares (49.42 ac) equally divided between dry land and fishing ponds. The ten hectares of land above sea level are in an undivided plot formed by ancient sediments. The property is currently used as an organic farm, with recognized and certified brand, and as a farm where tourists can eat local produce. There are vineyards and olive trees of excellent quality, as well as fruit and vegetable cultivation. The presence of artesian wells provides irrigation of crops. The production of fish (sea breams, sea basses, eels, grey mullets, cuttlefish) is completely natural. The island is accessible at all times and under all conditions of the tide, even by small motor vessels. There is a main port with a marina and other minor points for docking. The island is totally an ownership property, free from any easements (including the landing) to protect and ensure privacy.The electric energy is produced in-house and the water comes from underground. On the island there are a manor house, a church, a barn and a farmhouse with barn, a shed, a warehouse for a total of approx. 1,000 square meters with the possibility to be extended. The artesian wells, one eighteen and the other twenty-six degrees of pure spring water, serve the needs of the island. The subsoil, at its different deeps, is rich in low mineral content groundwaters and in thermal waters, with the possibility of creating a spa resort on the island. More, there is a landing strip (500 meters long) for lightweight planes. Nearby there is an international airport (Ronchi dei Legionari-Trieste) at about 15 minutes by car from Aquileia.

The distances by sea are 1 hour from Venice, 20 minutes from Trieste, 15  minutes from Grado, 10 minutes from Aquileia, 30 minutes from Lignano and 30 minutes from Croatia

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