300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in India

Price: INR 1,500

Yoga is the accumulation of physical, mental and spiritual practices to observe our inner nature and cultivate self-regulation and higher consciousness. Originating in India, this divine art aims at improving the well-being of individuals through asanas, pranayama, meditation, and other yogic practices. With Yoga Teacher Training in India dwell in a soulful ambiance and rejuvenate your souls.

Yoga in India  is a way of contented living without fluctuations in one’s mind. With 300 Hour Yoga training program experience this divinity under the influence of our esteemed yoga gurus. Immerse in higher teachings and practice of Yoga to pave a path of enlightenment and become a Registered Yoga Trainer.

Let’s have a look at what all the 300 Hour yoga teacher training has to offer:

·         Detailed study of Hatha Yoga and the various Asanas

·         Intermediates series of Ashtanga Yoga

·         Better focus on breathing in Pranayama and the importance of Bandhas

·         Study the principles and relevance of Yogic philosophies in modern life

·         Understand the Human anatomy to better study working of Asanas

·         Connect to your inner-self and awaken your soul with Meditation

·         Discover the role of psychic sleep in Yoga Nidra

·         Workshops on adjustment and alignments to modify asanas according to personal needs

·         Practical classes of Yogic purification of body in Shat Kriya

·         Importance of different mantras and their working

·         Meaning of Mudra in Yoga and its practical applications

·         Build a better relationship between Teacher and student by studying the teaching methodology

Apart from the course, you will be provided other facilities like:

·         Cozy and comfortable lodging options for a restful sleep. The lavish and spacious rooms provide all the basic amenities like; twin beds, comfortable mattress, attached bathroom, hot/cold water supply, Internet services and study area.

·         Whole-some and delectable three-course meal prepared by our talented Ayurveda chefs. We follow a vegetarian diet, using Ayurvedic herbs and farm-fresh produce. Proper nutrition is maintained to meet the needs of our budding yogis who are going through extensive training.

·         Vegan food is also available on special request.

·         Refreshments like tea and herbal drink to cleanse the body and rejuvenate the souls.

·         Airport/Railway transfers

·         Excursions and trips to the select destinations

Fee Details:

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in rishikesh – USD 1450 (shared room) and USD 1750 (private room)

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala – USD 1700 (shared room) and USD 2000 (private room)

The above mentioned prices include food, stay and excursions through the length of the course


This prestigious 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course follows the guideline and standards of Yoga Alliance, USA and is accredited with the same. The course allows the participants to preach Yoga as a Registered Yoga Trainer (RYT) after the completion of this program.

About Rishikul Yogshala:

Rishikul Yogashala is a leading name in Yoga teacher training programs and spirituality retreats in India and overseas. Our Yoga school in India is an initiative to impart the ancient yoga wisdom to budding yogis and move towards a path of content and peace. We aim to increase awareness for a joyful and simples through this divine art of Yoga.  

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