New Haridwar One 2024

Size: 120 m² / 1,292 ft²
Address: Haridwar One, Dudhadhari Chowk, Bhupatwala, Behind – Ganga Swaroop Ashram, Haridwar, Uttarakhand – 249410 Show map

One of the holiest cities in India, Haridwar is a spiritual oasis tucked away by the banks of the Ganges River. Haridwar One is a distinctive fusion of mystical and cultural richness, steeped in ancient traditions. The city reverberates with the sounds of religious rites and devotional chants as pilgrims swarm to its ghats for spiritual purification. The timeless temples, the alluring Ganga Aarti, and the hypnotic aura that fills the air of Haridwar One are what attract tourists to this epicenter of Hinduism. A pilgrimage to Haridwar One provides a deep connection to India's spiritual heritage and is a life-changing experience.

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