Best National Park Safari In Madhya Pradesh

Sex: Any
Smoking: No
Address: Madhya Pradesh, India

Madhya Pradesh is located in the central region of India, or in the geographical center of the country. It is India’s second-largest state in terms of land and fifth-largest in terms of people. The state has several traits that make it wealthy and resourceful due to its longitudinal and latitudinal reach. It boasts the greatest diamond and copper deposits in the country, as well as a wealth of mineral resources. MP is home to some of India’s most beautiful temples and historical landmarks. There are also important wildlife sanctuaries in India, and forests encompass more than 30% of the


state.Madhya Pradesh boasts the most wildlife of any state in India. A trip to Madhya Pradesh would be completed without seeing India’s national animal, the TIGER! There are ten national parks, six tiger reserves, and twenty-five wildlife sanctuaries in the country. More than 20% of India’s tigers are found here.


1 — Kanha Tiger Reserve [Mandla, Balaghat]


2 — Satpura Tiger Reserve [Hoshangabad]


3 — Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve [Umaria]


4 — Panna Tiger Reserve [Panna]


5 — Pench Tiger Reserve [Seoni, Chhindwara]

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