A productive investment farm in Egypt

Price: 940,000,000 EGP
Size: 5,216,400 m² / 56,148,862 ft²
Address: أسكندرية الصحراوي، ADH Dheraa Al Bahri, Al Amaria First, مصر Show map

A large farm with a green contract and a large return on investment
Total area: 1242 acres
Location: Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road - in the middle of the distance, almost directly on the desert road, about 2000 meters, with a depth of about 2600 meters.

Irrigation: marine water from Al-Nasr Canal, supplied with a giant lifting station, flush with 13 artesian wells

Borders: Natural features, canals and the desert road of Egypt - Alexandria

This farm specializes in plant and animal production

First: plant production:

1 - Contains 6 pivots (pivot irrigation device) each
The device irrigates about 135 acres in addition to the number four
Pillars of the pivot, each corner is about 8 acres of troy
With a drip irrigation network
2 - Types of crops: all types of vegetable crops (export
Outside) such as potatoes - Chinese garlic - colored pepper -
Tomato - yellow onion - white onion ---- etc.
3 - The borderline of the canal planting an orange about 65 acres
Varieties of falsh
4 - There are 100 greenhouses
5 - There are 60 bathroom towers

6- There are all machinery and equipment needed to service the farm from
Plant it and harvest
7 - There is a water treatment plant for drinking
8 - There is a plant for sorting vegetables and fruits
9 - The farm has a set of roads and walkways for ease
Agricultural operations

Second: Animal Production:

The animal production sector includes a dairy production station, which consists of 12 wards to house cows and calves, in addition to a computerized milking machine, as well as 2 feed mixers for the distribution of fodder throughout the day. Honstein cows are American and the herd includes the following preparation:
The number of lactating cows is 390
The number of publican cows is 60
The number of ten wheels is 67
Infant wheel number 228
The number of male calves is 27
Total: 772

The automatic milking parlor is a computerized automatic milking parlor equipped with 20 milk points and the milking parlor is equipped with 3 refrigerated milk tanks that hold 16 tons of milk per day.
The daily production of milk is about 11 tons, which are delivered to the Juhayna company under contract
The average production of one cow per season is 9 tons of milk

There are 85 tenth wheels imported during the past two years to operate the milking parlor at its maximum capacity

Artificial insemination of cows is done to obtain high productivity characteristics and there are special programs for dairy registration to facilitate the production and genetic evaluation of cows.

In addition to the above in the plant and animal production sector, there are a number of buildings and large facilities such as administrative offices, air-conditioned meeting rooms, restaurants, as well as stores for farm inputs and outputs, in addition to housing for workers and 2 villas for the farm manager and employees
There are about 100 acres on the desert road suitable for any other investment projects. The farm’s right to leave an area of ​​63,000 square meters can be used as buildings for development or establishing any other investment projects.

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