Agricultural Land in Eptagoneia, Limassol

Address: Limassol, Cyprus

Eptagonia is a Cypriot village of the District of Limassol. It is located approximately 28 km northeast of Limassol, on the foothills of mount Papoutsa and it falls within the geographical region of Pitsilia. The village is located in a semi-mountainous area which is surrounded by high mountains, on an altitude of 475 m above sea level, and which is 'dressed' in green colours in both spring and summer.
The land has a 6% build and a height of 2 floors.
A property of approximately 300m2 can be built on the land, electricity and water are in the area.
Property Details
* For Sale
* Property Type: Land
* Property Subtype: Agricultural
* Location: Limassol, Eptagoneia, Cyprus
* Price: €30,000
* VAT: N/A
* Date Available From: 28th November 2018
* Loan Installment: €135
If you wish to borrow from a bank, please find above indication of the loan installment with the assumptions used below.
Loan Installment Calculations:
Closing Price: €30,000
Own Contribution (35%): €10,500
Loan Amount (65%): €19,500
Interest rate: 3%
Years of repayment: 15 years

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