What mode of payment should you employ to pay the rent .

Price: 1,500 CNY/Month
Bills included: Yes
Housemates: 1
Room size: 20 m² / 215 ft²
Sex: Any
Smoking: Yes
Address: 青岛市市南区南京路


Some of my clients are confused by the modes of rent payment when they rent a new place . I know in some other countries , you can employ the monthly payment to pay the rent , no matter how long you will live , but it is really different in China , maybe the truth sucks , but , the truth is the truth .

For instance , now you decide to rent a one bedroom apartment from January 1 to December 31, 70 sqm , 2500 rmb per month , how should you pay the rent ?

Generally , if the landlord is amicable enough , you can employ half a year pay mode , that means , when you sign the leasing contract you should pay half a year’s rent (15000 rmb)and the security deposit (generally ,as much as one month rent, 2500 rmb ) on January 1 , and then you should pay the rest half a year’s rent on the fifth month (May 1 ) , and when you two finish the contract on December 31 , the landlord will return the security deposit to you if you haven’t broken the landlord’s stuff in the apartment .

That’s the most popular mode of payment in China , especially in Qingdao . Sometimes , some landlords will insist on the yearly payment .

Is there a better mode of payment ? generally , it is really hard to find a better way ,unless you are lucky enough and meet a incredible amicable landlord, you maybe have other choices .

But , if you need just a room instead of an entire apartment , that means , you would share an apartment with other tenants , the modes of payment are more flexible , and maybe you can employ the monthly payment .

That’s the truth about mode of payment of rent in Qingdao .

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