Sociable Mansion: Adulting with a side of Luxury

Price: 1,950 CAD/Month
Bedrooms: 1
Size: 500 m² / 5,382 ft²
Address: 34 Stanley Greene Boulevard, North York, ON, Canada Show map

*All Inclusive Bills

All-in-one bill no matter how many housemates come or go

*Fully furnished


Live the Dream: Where Adulting Comes with a Side of Luxury!


Hey you, yes, you, the one tirelessly adulting in the hustle and bustle of Toronto! Imagine a place where private bedrooms and shared spaces blend seamlessly, like peanut butter and jelly on a sunny day. Introducing the "Sociable Mansion" – where even your inner child would give two thumbs up!


Room for Royalty:


Your new kingdom comes complete with a queen bed and a walk-in closet that's practically a wardrobe Narnia. Who needs a magic mirror when you're living the royal life?


Bathroom Bliss:


Rub-a-dub-dub, share a shower with just one other buddy in your very own marble bathroom. It's like a spa day without the judgmental stares from cucumbers.

High Ceilings, High Vibes

No need to shrink yourself here – 9 ft ceilings make you feel like a basketball pro, even if you can't shoot a hoop to save your life.


Chef's Kiss... and Kitchen:


Calling all culinary adventurers! Our state-of-the-art kitchen has more gadgets than a Bond villain's lair. Granite countertops, Whirlpool appliances, and a gas oven that could probably launch a rocket (but we're not suggesting you try).


Wired for Fun:


WiFi so fast, even your coffee won't keep up. And when work beckons, our co-working room has your back. We've even got a printer – because, well, sometimes trees need a purpose too.

Laundry Liberation

Wave goodbye to laundry day blues – Samsung's got your back. Wash and dry like a boss while pondering life's most pressing questions, like why socks always disappear in pairs.


Events to Write Home About:


From yoga that pretends to be sunset-worthy to mixers that are socially delightful, our community events are like your favorite sitcom – you can't wait for the next episode.


Location Lovin':


Tired of the concrete jungle? We've got your escape route. Nestled steps away from Downsview Park, it's your personal oasis. And downtown Toronto? Just a Go Train ride away. Your boss won't even know you've swapped skyscrapers for serenity.


Community + Comfort:


Living solo doesn't mean you have to be solo. Meet like-minded individuals in shared spaces that are perfect for bonding, banter, and binge-watching Netflix on that 65" TV (because size matters, okay?).

Forge connections with like-minded individuals in shared spaces including a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious living room with a 65" TV, a comfortable dining area, and a dedicated office space. And with your own private room, you'll find the perfect balance between personal space and community living.

Bid farewell to chores with our weekly cleaning service for common areas.


The Extra Mile:


Feeling fancy? We've got you covered. Yorkdale Shopping Centre's a stone's throw away, so you can treat yourself to some Burberry, Chanel, or even just a really fancy lunch.


Adventure Awaits:


From soccer to squirrel-watching, Downsview Park is your playground. Plus, there's a new Aerospace Hub in the works – perfect for when you feel the need... the need for speed (or a cool job). Experience the pinnacle of co-living with flexible relocation options to our properties across the GTA and beyond.


Pack Your Bags (but Not Too Far):


Got the itch to explore? Our Sociable Living crew has properties all around the GTA and beyond. It's like Pokémon, but for cozy, stylish homes.


Ready to Jump into Luxury?


Say goodbye to adulting stress and hello to high-end, low-drama living. Join the Sociable Living family – where bills behave, WiFi's wild, and fun is forever on the menu.


Indulge in Unparalleled Luxury and Convenience. Join Us at Sociable Living Today!


For more information, videos, 3D tours, and testimonials, visit our YouTube Channel and website. Your journey to stress-free, luxurious co-living starts here.


Disclaimer: No dragons were harmed in the making of this description. And sadly, no magic wands are included. But trust us, the luxury is real.

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