2-bedroom house for rent in Stockel

Size: 168 m² / 1,808 ft²
Address: Brussels, Belgium

**The bright blessing.**

_Because it's impossible to be sad when the sun's out._

**Will I like it here?**

Of course. This place catches the sunlight like no other. So, you'll actually look forward to opening the curtains in the morning.

**Really? Tell me more...**

You will be the host with the most. With all the seating space in the living area it would be rude not to show off your lovely home. You have no excuses now.

We think that the suburbs are a great escape from the city. Getting away from the buzz and hassle when you work hard in your free time is a must after all.

**Your top 5 reasons to live here:**

- The location is convenient and quiet.
- Additional appliances like a clothes dryer and dishwasher make life so much easier.
- There's an additional study room in the house, so you needn't even go to the office.
- You are near the Stockel Village shopping centre (400m).
- You are right next to a green and leafy promenade.

**But you need to know this...**

- The bed in Bedroom 2 is a sofa bed, so the space is super compact.

**Help me make up my mind...**

This is a 2-bedroom house on Clos du Chêne Céleste, Brussels. It's a humble, stylish and spacious house that you'll fall in love with. Fully equipped with all the essentials and more in the chicest of fashions, you'll also be keen to show it off.

It is perfect for laid back hard workers. Seriously, when you work this hard you want to enjoy your time off away from work. With bright rooms and peaceful surroundings this might be the best place to do just that.

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