Cool studio apartment for rent in Centro, Madrid

Τιμή: 1.800 EUR/Μήνας
Διεύθυνση: Plaza San Nicolás, 28013 Madrid, Spain , Madrid, Spain Εμφάνιση χάρτη

The slick studio in Centro

Because it's got the location and the look.

Will I like it here?

We think so.

Get the best of open-plan living with a fully equipped kitchen, generous living area and double bed all in one space.

Really? Tell me more...

You'll love exploring the best of central Madrid. Whether you're looking for some history at one of the nearby museum, or fancy a tipple at a local bar, you'll find what you seek.

Give me 1 more reason to live here...

- Did we mention the balcony? Open-plan living leading to a bit of outdoor luxury. Perfect.

But you need to know this...

We haven’t visited this place ... yet.

We send Homecheckers to visit every apartment on Spotahome. So come back soon for a guided tour plus 360º and HD photos.

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