plot on the border of forest Altay mountains

Τιμή: 1.000.000 RUB
Μέγεθος: 8.000 m² / 86.111 ft²
Διεύθυνση: Чемальский тракт, Республика Алтай, Россия Εμφάνιση χάρτη

the Altai Republic is the pearl of Siberia and all of Russia, an unspoilt corner of nature within an hour's walk from the airport. the plot is located at a distance of 2 km from the center of a large poslek, with an open view of the mountains on a plot of modldoy sosnyak 10-20 years. the plot has nebolshoy bias Sedova panoramic views of the valley. from the electric communication, dirt road year-round accessibility due to the absence of snow in the valley, main cold water 300 meters away. all this with free registration and consultation on the transaction.

Mikhail Solod
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 Mikhail Solod

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